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AMAZON ORIGINAL: 007 - Road to a Million (2023)

Arthio Productions GmbH has been in charge of local production services for the final episode of the acclaimed Amazon series 007 - Road to a Million (2023).

We have been involved in preproduction over the course of more than a year and in production during a 12 days shoot. Our services included location scouting, production support, special effects, areal shots and many more.

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NETFLIX DOCUMENTARY: How to change your Mind (2022)

For the original Netflix Series "How to change your Mind" we've been commissioned as a local producer in Switzerland. This included organizing camera equipment, sourcing of camera and lighting crew, motocrane crew, drone operators, casting of a stuntman and extras, logistics and permits.

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SKY ONE: A league of their own, European tour (1019)

We've supported the production of Sky one's "A league of their own - European tour" Episode 2 in Switzerland. We had the stars of the show - Romesh Ranganathan, Patrice Evra, Jamie Redknapp, Andrew Flintoff to perform a traditional wrestling ("Schwingen") with a Swiss champion. We had them skydiving from a helicopter and high wire walking across a stunning mountain backdrop among other fun activities. Arthio has been involved in organizing all these activities, location scouting as well as general production support during the shoot.

Formula E races in Switzerland (2019, 2018)

Arthio Productions was responsible for casting hosts and assembling a team of cameramen, sound recordists, runners, and riggers to support the official production of the world feed. Commissioned by NEEDaFIXER.

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DJI Mavic Air 2 Showreel (2019)

Our Service Production team for DJI embarked on an exciting journey to the picturesque Swiss Alps, capturing breathtaking snowy landscapes for the official showreel of the remarkable Mavic Air 2 drone. Commissioned by NEEDaFIXER.

Documentary: Alan Lightman - Searching (2022)

Arthio Productions GmbH has provided crew such as local production and crew (DoP, soundy, production assistant, drone pilot, drivers), We shot with the US-crew for about 2 weeks in Switzerland and France. Commissioned by NEEDaFIXER.