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Directing & Showcalling

Whether it's for live events, TV broadcasts, commercials, or documentaries, Samuel Stefan brings over 15 years of invaluable experience as a director and showcaller. He has successfully helmed numerous projects, ensuring seamless execution and delivering exceptional results.

Documentary: Energy Pioneers (2018)

The increase in global energy demand has led to exorbitant dissipation of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. As urbanization increases, cities around the world are becoming congested and overcrowded. «Energy Pioneers» portrays two distinct visionaries who are convinced their ideas can contribute to solving these challenging problems.

Californian based entrepreneur James Ehrlich strives to re-invent urban living through Tech-inspired „ReGen Villages“ whose residents will produce their own energy and food within a community of like-minded. Swiss based ETH-Professor Hansjürg Leibundgut however pursues technical innovation and a change of mind on a political level. He invented an ingenious heating system which harvests and stores the energy of the sun deep in the ground in order to make a building completely independent from other energy sources.

What unites James and Hansjürg is their commitment to fight for a sustainable future, but unlike well known adventurer Bertrand Piccard, who is a poster child for the green technology movement, James and Hansjürg depend on selling their ideas and finding strong partners. This takes a toll on both in them but they are assisted by bright young minds, who share their passion and stand by their side. This film witnesses their struggles, their anguish, the small victories and the large defeats.

A film about obstacles, crises and the power of an idea

Documentary: The Mindful Revolution (2015)

It sounds like the perfect antidote to our hectic lives: less stress, better concentration, increased productivity. No wonder mindfulness meditation has become an attractive addition to the boardroom agenda for global giants like Google and SAP. Backed up by science, it seems an increasing amount of organisations are turning to mindfulness to help develop their business model.

In this film, director Samuel Stefan dares to take a look behind the façade of this revolutionary corporate phenomenon to reveal a series of burning ethical issues about the values of our economic system: Is mind- fulness a way for businesses to simply enhance their profit margins and increase productivity? Or does this revolution offer an opportunity to change the way our businesses operate, creating a more equal and fairer society?

From Buddhist monks to entrepreneurs, business managers to inflamed critics; «The Mindful Revolution» offers a critical insight into the growing influence of a modern spiritual phenomenon.