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Film & Series Production

A selection of our films and series that captivate audiences through cinematic visuals and engaging storytelling.

Gardeners on the Moon (2022)

TV Commercial
Client: JardinSuisse

The films intends to appeal to a young, predominantly urban audience, to draw their attention towards the gardener's profession. The film has a surprising twist - a natural, sustainable garden on the moon - pointing out the timeless relevance of the gardener's profession.

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TV Commercial
Client: Montreux Media Ventures

In cooperation with our client Montreux Media Venture, we produced 4 TVC spots and interactive content for the launch of the gaming platform GAMRFIRST for the Casino Barrière Montreux, featuring social media icon Kristina Bazan.

Andrea's Future Food Lab (2016)

A Web series produced for SRF. Andrea Staudacher explores new and innovative ways of producing and consuming food that are sustainable and environmentally friendly.

The faces of depression

A powerful short film that sheds light on the experiences of those living with depression, emphasizing the importance of compassion, and understanding in supporting those affected by this challenging condition.

Cult Witness (2008)

The Original Documentary explores the world of cults, sharing firsthand experiences of director Samuel Stefan and others who have freed themselves from such groups, along with analytical insights from experts on cult behavior.